Our CapabilitiesOLD

Todays’ business landscape is constantly evolving & changing therefore staying ahead requires more than just having a cutting edge technology. It demands agility in problem solving, ability to embrace change & rapid adaption to innovative methods. The business world is facing a new reality of economic unpredictability, disruptive technology, globalization and a fierce competition. Therefore, in such an environment traditional ways of achieving competitive advantage are no longer enough.

We therefore can help our clients transform, navigate changing technology, building innovative solutions & training their organization to be ready & to embrace the change.

Where We Can Help

• Management Consulting.
• Change Management.
• Brand Management.
• Learning & Development Programs.

We work across a wide range of roles, industries to apply our methods of analyzing information and to identify a new, positive way forward for our clients.

Strategy is a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty.

Strategy involves setting of goals, determining actions to achieve the goals & mobilizing resources to execute the actions. It involves activities like strategic planning & strategic thinking.

Therefore, we believe that strategy must be dynamic & adaptive. This cant be more true than in todays’ world which demands that strategic development and execution must be totally intertwined. In today’s era of disruption, strategy is more important than ever before. Globalization, technological changes and growing economic interconnections are challenging traditional strategy approaches. Yet having a right strategy is more necessary than ever before.

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory while tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

We offer creative solutions that help companies to develop and execute winning strategies. We can help you mobilize for change, navigate uncertainty, so that you can achieve sustained & profitable growth.

• Corporate Strategy.

• Business Strategy.
• Team Strategy.
• Growth Strategy.

Sales & Marketing: (Helping Clients grow faster)

Customer expectations, experiences and relationships are changing dramatically in almost every industry. Traditional Go-to-market capabilities that once guaranteed success now look almost outdated in a rapidly evolving competition.

We help our clients set their strategic direction, develop their marketing & sales capabilities and connect their organization to realize the full potential of today’s Omni-channel opportunities. Our marketing & sales experts offer real world experience and extensive knowledge from branding to digital marketing to Go-to-Market strategies. Our team of experts help you achieve sustainable, organic growth by focussing on an outside – in approach that outs customer first hence ensuring you deliver optimal customer interactions at every touch point.

We help you deliver superior results, by virtue of our unique approach to digital marketing acceleration which blends Bottom-Up & Top-down techniques to achieve results as you build your internal capabilities.

Where We Can Help

• Branding
• Digital Marketing
• Next Generation Sales
• Demand Centric Growth
• Sales & Channel Marketing
• Solution & Strategic Selling
• Go-to-market Strategy

Agile is a proven way to transform your business, catalyse innovation & accelerate profitable growth. We can help you scale agile across your entire organization to improve time-to-market, boost quality, raise employee morale and become a truly adaptive organization. If you are just getting started we will provide the foundational training you need to launch your first agile teams. After you have developed some foundational capabilities we will then show you how to scale dozens of agile teams thus creating a truly agile enterprise. We have a proven method for transforming companies into truly agile enterprises and propelling agile transformations.

If implemented properly, agile can enable you to out-pace your competition, react quickly to changing market conditions & continuously incorporate customer feedback.

Steps Involved

• Build Agile Teams
• Build an operating model.
• Take stock of where you stand.
• Prioritize necessary changes.
• Carve a path to move forward.
• Measure Progress.


Across industries, technology is changing everything. Whether your goal is to manage digital innovation, supporting the core business, reducing complexity, improving the customer experience, getting the most from IT outsourcing or incorporating agile practices, we can help you to identify areas for improvement & opportunities for value creating business & IT transformation.

Where We Can Help

• Application Management
• IT Services
• Internet of Things
• Artificial Intelligence
• Technology Consulting Services
• Digital Transformation

Client Learning Programs

When it comes to talent, Leaders agree on 2 things : It’s precious & it’s scarce. That is why we created our academy called “Lets Study” which equips next generation executives to get trained to meet the needs of their particular market environment as we help organizations achieve results that require lasting changes in human behaviour.

When that knowledge is acquired, it is also the most durable competitive advantage to have for any company.

Inside Our Academy

“Lets Study” has been carefully designed to provide executives / mid-career executives tracking to reach top positions in next 6-7 years.


• Account planning & Execution
• How to map large key accounts
• How to qualify opportunities
• Filling your pipeline
• Unproductive Sales Calls
• Everyone is sold but no one is buying
• Strategic selling
• Negotiation Skills
• Closing the sale.


• Leadership foundation program.
• The syntax of success
• Organizational Leadership
• How to think like a leader.
• Management Playbook.
• Only the Paranoid survive.
• What this CEO thing is all about.

Other Training Programs

• Finance for Non-finance executives.
• Negotiation Skills
• Time Management
• Interviewing Skills
• Presentation Skills
• Telephone / Email / Con-call Etiquettes
• Stress Management
• Power Dressing