Client Learning Programs

Client Learning Programs

When it comes to talent, Leaders agree on 2 things : It’s precious & it’s scarce. That is why we created our academy called “Lets Study” which equips next generation executives to get trained to meet the needs of their particular market environment as we help organizations achieve results that require lasting changes in human behaviour.

When that knowledge is acquired, it is also the most durable competitive advantage to have for any company.

Inside Our Academy

“Lets Study” has been carefully designed to provide executives / mid-career executives tracking to reach top positions in next 6-7 years.


• Account planning & Execution
• How to map large key accounts?
• How to qualify opportunities?
• Filling your pipeline
• Unproductive Sales Calls
• Everyone is sold but no one is buying
• Strategic selling
• Negotiation Skills
• Closing the sale.


• Leadership foundation program.
• The syntax of success
• Organizational Leadership
• How to think like a leader.
• Management Playbook.
• Only the Paranoid survive.
• What this CEO thing is all about.

Other Training Programs

• Finance for Non-finance executives.
• Negotiation Skills
• Time Management
• Interviewing Skills
• Presentation Skills
• Telephone / Email / Con-call Etiquettes
• Stress Management
• Power Dressing